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As per RCMP Policy, Criminal Record information may be confirmed if disclosed by the applicant during the consent process. Additional details may only be obtained after fingerprint comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a criminal record, is this service for me?

A: This service runs a background check, which includes a search of the criminal history.  While we can confirm the existence of your record, the details can only be provided by submission of fingerprints at your local police.

A: The invitation that you received is linked to your email address. Please ensure that when registering on, you are inputting the same email address account that your invitation was sent to. If you have registered with a different email address, you will need to alter your email address to the account where you were originally sent the invitation. To do this, log in using your username and password. You will automatically be directed to your ‘myAccount’ tab, click on ‘Edit Profile’ at the top left of the page to access your user profile. Change your email address, then verify your email address and click save. Log out and log back in and your invitation should be available in your Inbox. If you are still having trouble, please contact us

A: We’re proud to partner with TransUnion, a major Canadian credit bureau, to offer Authentication as a means of security verifying your identity online using your unique consumer credit file. Many of Canada’s large financial institutions have incorporated Authentication in their online services. You are asked questions pertaining to your personal credit history and other information present on your file. Questions to which only you know the correct answers. Only you are able to view your questions as this information is not shared with This process has no effect on your credit score/rating. For more information on TransUnion visit

A: Results for most criminal record checks are returned within 4 hours.

A: Payment can be made securely online using Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively, the requesting organization may incur the full or partial cost of your check.

A: The check ordered through this service consists of a name-based criminal record verification and does not include a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS). RCMP policy states that a VSS must be conducted by the local police agency of jurisdiction where you reside. has partnered with many local police agencies across the country to be able to offer the VSS for their citizens. For more information, and to find out where can offer the VSS please contact us by phone at 1-877-455-6730 or by email at

A: The information given to our clients is provided by an authorized Canadian Police Agency. Sterling Backcheck works with numerous police departments across Canada to obtain Name-based Criminal Record Checks from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). This is the only national source of criminal records in Canada.

A: Nothing! There is no cost to sharing your check with an organization(s). However organizations will set acceptable timeframes for checks. If the amount of time since you completed your check is deemed to be too long for the organization, they may ask that you renew your check.

A: When viewing your completed check(s), the sharing dialogue box is on the right. Search the list of available organizations on the drop down menu and select the appropriate organization and location. Then click on the “Share” button and your results will be transferred to the organization you requested.

A: Beneath a list of existing organizations is a link that allows you to encourage anyone you like to join By sending them an email to get signed up, you are sending them a notification about and asking them to sign up to view your results. Remember, there is no cost or obligation for an organization to sign on with, and when they do sign up, they’ll be able to view the results of your check securely online!

A: If you have had recent updates to your criminal record, there may be a time delay before information is updated on the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) repository. If you still would like to dispute your record, please visit your local police department and obtain your complete criminal record history. Your local police department will have further information on dispute resolution procedures.

A: The information on your myBackCheck profile reflects your criminal record at the time which the search was completed and will only be updated once you update your account by processing another Criminal Record Check. If you are currently going through the pardon process or have had changes made to update your criminal record on file with the RCMP, there may be a delay before this information is available on the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) repository. This delay is due to the time it takes to process data and enter it into the CPIC system and is also affected by the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred.

A:In general, criminal records are retained until the subject of the record is eighty (80) years of age with no criminal activity reported in the last ten (10) years. If you have any offences that you feel are old or minor and prevent you from employment opportunities, or you would like to clear your record, please visit Pardon Canada where you can learn how to obtain a pardon.

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