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As the trusted partner for more than half of the top staffing agencies, we understand the intense competition for talent, complex program requirements, and increased pressure our customers face.

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For staffing agencies and recruitment firms, time-to-hire is a critically important metric and a major factor in success. Sterling Backcheck helps staffing companies deliver the best global talent to their clients sooner with fast, flexible pre-employment screening services.

By partnering with Sterling Backcheck, your talent organization can:

  • Screen any number of job candidates quickly and affordably based on your clients’ criteria
  • Ensure you receive the industry’s most complete, accurate screening results
  • Maintain confidentiality and consistency
  • Enjoy fast turnarounds – criminal checks completed in 4 hours or less

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Sterling Backcheck, a Background and Identity Services Leader in Canada, Joins the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

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