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Quality patient care starts with Sterling Backcheck. Efficient end-to-end background screening solutions with safety and compliance a top priority.
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Exceptional Talent, Verified

The competition for top talent is fierce. Sterling Backcheck’s fast, thorough background checks are highly regarded in the healthcare industry, as they allow for comprehensive vetting of candidates while still allowing vacant positions to be filled quickly — and with truly qualified applicants.

46.5k roles added to the healthcare sector since February 20201
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Putting the Patient First

Healthcare professionals work directly with a vulnerable population, putting employee screening at the forefront of your hiring process. The comfort, recovery, and safety of patients depend on their healthcare provider being qualified, reliable, and properly vetted.

Understanding the Vulnerable Sector Query is a key first step. Sterling Backcheck provides trusted advice and unparalleled expertise to assist organizations when establishing their programs.

Hundreds of Canadian Healthcare Companies Rely on Sterling Backcheck for:

  • Faster, more accurate screening of domestic and international criminal records
  • Customizable Reference Interviews for all levels of hire to drive operational efficiency
  • Verification of a candidate’s education, experience, licensure, and sanction information
  • Social Media Screening to ensure a compliant, privacy-driven solution
  • Covid Vaccination Proof collection to ensure a safe workforce and environment
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Did You Know?

According to a recent survey, 78% of all resumes contain errors and falsehoods2. Make sure you know who you’re hiring with the industry’s most thorough verification services backed by a powerful fulfillment engine.

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