ID Verification Options

Flexible ID Verification Options

Identification Verification is required before beginning a Canadian Criminal Record Check. The purpose is to ensure the candidate consenting to the check is who they claim to be. This simple step adds a layer of protection for both the individual giving their consent and for the requesting organization.

Electronic ID Verification (eIV) – our most convenient option!

  • Candidate’s verification is done electronically from any computer by answering a few out-of-wallet questions.
  • Developed by Canada’s major credit bureaus, eIV is used by most major financial institutions, and even by Canada Post.
  • Recognized under the “Know your Customer” regulations, eIV is a suitable countermeasure against fraud and money laundering.
  • Drawing from TransUnion, eIV produces four out-of-wallet questions relating to the candidate’s credit history – only the candidate will be able to accurately answer.
  • Information is cross-referenced with personal details provided by the candidate such as their date of birth and address history.
  • Should they fail the process (often due to limited credit history), they will be directed to Sterling Backcheck’s 2nd and 3rd ID verification options.

Canada Post ID Verification – verified anywhere in Canada by visiting the nearest participating Canada Post location

  • Candidates can print the form or download on their phone and visit the nearest Canada Post outlet.
  • Canada Post scans the barcode located on the form and verifies the candidate’s identity using 2 pieces of appropriate ID.
  • Once verified, the Canada Post clerk enters the results in the DPOI system, and the confirmation is sent directly to Sterling Backcheck.
  • Sterling Backcheck then conducts the Criminal Record Check and delivers results securely to your password-protected account.


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