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Partner with the industry leader when trust and safety are of utmost importance.

There’s no organization that needs a workforce with the highest levels of safety, trust, and experience than police services. There’s no room for compromise or shortcuts when it comes to checking credentials, verifying education, or checking criminal records.

Sterling Backcheck has both the experience and highly accurate processes to help police services screen and find the best police officers, civilian support, volunteers, and auxiliary members.

Rely on Sterling Backcheck for:

  • Bank-caliber data security coupled with a large roster of CISD-cleared personnel, ensuring that all information remains confidential and is completely secure
  • Reduced file turnaround time and recruiting costs
  • Procedures and policies that are auditable, consistent and designed to facilitate compliance with Privacy and Human Rights legislation
  • Bias-free and objective information


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Beyond the Criminal Records Check – Defining the background screening program

As conducting background screening becomes the norm, organizations are struggling with creating a proper background screening program that expands more than just running a necessary criminal records check. Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check, Vulnerable Sector Check, Global Screening, so many things to consider. Rod Piukkala, a former Chief of Police and a long-standing member of NAPBS, will offer his expertise on the subject and recommendations for the organizations on putting together a proper background screening program.

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Sterling rebrands Canadian business unit and names new Managing Director of Canada


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