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Sterling Backcheck’s Quebec Criminal Court Search determines if the candidate has information relating to Criminal Code or Controlled Drugs and Substances Act offences in Québec court records. Sterling Backcheck’s court runner will search records from the Court of Québec as well as Québec Superior Court. Information located can include convictions, discharges, pending charges, peace bonds and stays of proceedings. This search may include both indictable and summary offences and may locate convictions that are not listed on the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. Since court records are public record, the specific detailed information found will be released, including the offence, the date of ruling, and any disposition received.

About Québec Criminal Court Searches

Sterling Backcheck’s Québec Criminal Court Search is the most in-depth search available in the market because the information is obtained directly from the court by a highly experienced court runner. This search allows clients to determine if their candidate has been prosecuted for criminal or federal offences in Québec.

Key Differences Between Québec Criminal Court Search and Soquij Criminal Search

Québec Criminal Court Search SOQUIJ
Judicial records from Québec’s computerized court records
Name Variations
All name variations provided by the candidate included in the search
Additional Costs Included
Additional costs incurred in order to view results or open potentially relevant cases included in the search
Direct From The Source
Records are retrieved directly from the Québec courts

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