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Verify the identity of your candidates.

Candidates with a criminal past often look for ways to manipulate the system, providing potential employers with fake names or social insurance numbers (SIN) to prevent them from uncovering records. Checking a candidate’s photo identification is critical to verifying their identity; however, falsified documents can be hard to identify and can expose employers to risk.

Sterling Backcheck’s Identity Cross-Check is designed to verify the identity of a candidate for employment without acquiring financial information. Identity Cross-Check uses the ID component of a credit bureau inquiry service to cross-reference against the information provided by a candidate.

The Identity Cross-Check reveals inconsistencies between information your candidate provides and information that the credit bureau has collected regarding the candidate. By comparing Identity Cross-Check details with your candidate’s consent forms, we can expose up to 30% more criminal records, as held by CPIC, by revealing unknown or “forgotten” aliases, incorrect information, and common name misspellings. Identification is required to proceed. Learn more about the ID verification options.

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