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Accelerate growth and transform your practice by streamlining your hiring experience.
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Drive Efficiency and Innovation

The way people work has evolved. At Sterling Backcheck, our agility, innovation, and people-first approach foster connection, resilience, and stability, while helping you build your hiring process on a foundation of trust and safety.

5.8% - Estimated Market Growth in the Consulting Industry1
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Grow and Transform

Hiring new talent is a crucial part of growth. Sterling Backcheck can help you do so safely and efficiently. Our continuous innovation aims to provide a more streamlined process, more accurate results, accelerate time-to-hire, and reduce compliance risk.

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Forget One Size Fits All

Your consulting practice has its own set of rules, regulations, and best practices. Whether you’re a part of a large management consulting firm, mid-size IT consulting practice, or a small marketing consulting company, Sterling Backcheck will partner with you to create the process to fit your organization. Everything from technology to fulfillment is industry specific, allowing us to create customized background screening packages and framework to suit your unique business needs.

Benefits Include:

  • Improve your candidate experience through seamless and user-friendly system capabilities
  • Create customized package with the goal of providing accurate and fast results
  • Turn employee experiences into competitive advantage
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Protect Your Brand and Reputation

When you are hiring your employees, you are also hiring on behalf of your clients. That’s why protecting your brand is crucial to guaranteeing your success. You’ll want to protect their trust and safety right from the start. Sterling Backcheck prides itself on having a people-first approach both with our clients and our employees. By partnering with Sterling Backcheck, you’ll protect your most valuable asset, people, and in turn, your brand and reputation.

Services Tailored for Your Industry

While the specific screening needs of every business differ, Sterling Backcheck's decades of experience can be leveraged to design a customizable and scalable solution for your unique practice and culture.
Whether you’re looking to meet the basic requirements set forth by each province or add an extra level of safety for your clients, Sterling Backcheck can help you design a customized program for your firm.

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