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Reference Checks are a valuable tool for screening candidates. However, conducting proper reference checks can be very time consuming and difficult for hiring managers.

Our reference team is trained to go beyond vague and subjective references to perform truly insightful employment verifications through interviews with candidates’ former supervisors, former co-workers, and their friends. Professional reference checks round out the employment verification process.

Choose from a number of standard interview templates to designed to meet a variety of reference check requirements:

  • Basic reference check – which includes 8 areas of inquiry
  • Standard reference check – which includes 11 areas of inquiry
  • Investigative reference check – which includes 20 areas of inquiry

Use Sterling Backcheck eReferences for Faster Response

Beyond telephone interviews, Sterling Backcheck also offers online reference interviews with IP address tracking technology. Fast and economical, these online questionnaires can also be complemented by telephone follow-up to validate and verify answers.

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