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Reference checks are a valuable screening tool for employers, since they can provide insight into candidates’ past performance, professional conduct, reliability and interpersonal skills. However, conducting proper reference checks can be very time-consuming and difficult for hiring managers.

Our reference team is trained to go beyond vague and subjective references to perform truly insightful employment verifications through interviews with candidates’ former supervisors or co-workers. Professional reference checks are a great way to round out the employment verification process and obtain feedback from the people who know your candidates best.

The Importance of Reference Checks

In-Depth Candidate

Reference checks are a critical component of the hiring process. They provide an additional layer of verification beyond what is presented in a resume or during an interview, offering insights into the candidate’s past job performance and professional behavior.

More Informed

A reference check for employment involves reaching out to previous employers to verify a candidate’s performance and experience, since they can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s work ethic and skills. Employment reference checks help ensure that the candidate meets the requirements of the new position.

Types of Reference Checks

Basic reference checks include 16 areas of inquiry. They focus on the most essential aspects of a candidate’s previous employment, such as work ethic, dependability, and basic job competencies.
A more comprehensive option, the standard reference check expands to 18 areas of inquiry. It delves deeper into each candidate’s abilities, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
Representing the most thorough reference screening option, the investigative check consists of 30 areas of inquiry. This check is often used for high-level positions or roles that otherwise require a high degree of trust and responsibility.

Sterling Backcheck eReferences

Sterling Backcheck’s online reference checks with IP address tracking offer a faster and more efficient method than traditional phone references. These online questionnaires are convenient and provide quick responses.

Advanced Reference Checks

When combined with a verification of candidates’ history, including both educational and professional milestones, background check references provide a comprehensive and reliable evaluation of their suitability. A thorough references check leaves no stone unturned to validate candidate experiences and qualifications.

By conducting a reference background check, organizations can mitigate risks and make more informed decisions.

Benefits of Professional Reference Checks

Objective Insights

Professional reference checks help in obtaining objective insights about a candidate’s past performance and behavior. This is crucial in making an informed hiring decision.

Customizable Templates

Sterling Backcheck offers a variety of interview templates designed to meet different reference check requirements, allowing organizations to choose a template specific for the role or industry.

Reducing Hiring Risks

Conducting thorough reference checks minimizes the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates. It ensures that the new hire is not only skilled but also a good fit for the company culture.

Enhancing Hiring Efficiency

Efficient reference checking processes like those offered by Sterling Backcheck help organizations streamline their hiring process, saving time and resources.

Verification Through Multiple Channels

Sterling Backcheck’s approach includes both online questionnaires and telephone interviews, ensuring that the information gathered is accurate and reliable.


The reference team at Sterling Backcheck is trained to conduct in-depth interviews with former supervisors, co-workers, and friends that go beyond surface-level information.

Safeguarding Your Workforce

Reference checks are a vital part of the recruitment process, providing critical insights into a candidate’s professional history and work ethic.

Sterling Backcheck offers fast, reliable, and detailed reference checks, incorporating advanced tools like eReferences for greater efficiency. By employing thorough and diverse methods of reference checking, organizations can secure a competent and reliable workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the resources below for answers to commonly asked
questions about reference checks.

On average, reference checks take three business days, though Sterling Backcheck is dependent on the availability and willingness of the referee. Modern methods that use online questionnaires and automation, like Sterling Backcheck’s eReferences, can significantly speed up the process. These can often provide results in a shorter time frame, sometimes within a day or two.

Information such as job performance, responsibilities, strengths, weaknesses, reasons for leaving, and rehire eligibility can be obtained. The scope of information varies based on the type of reference check conducted.

Yes, reference checks are conducted with privacy in mind. The candidate’s personal information is protected, and referees are assured that their feedback will be confidential, unless they consent to it being disclosed to the candidate.

Candidates can prepare by informing their referees in advance and choosing referees who can provide relevant and positive feedback about their professional experience and character.

Negative feedback is evaluated in the context of the entire hiring process. It may prompt further investigation or discussion with the candidate. It is up to the employer to decide whether to take the feedback into account when making a hiring decision.

Reference checks focus on a candidate’s work history and professional behaviour. Background checks are typically more comprehensive and may include criminal history checks, education verifications, social media searches, and other checks.

While some employers may choose to skip this step, they may miss an opportunity to identify potential risks. Reference checks provide crucial insights that can’t be obtained through resumes and interviews alone.

Employers can ask their candidates to let their referees know that Sterling Backcheck will contact them. Tools allowing referees to respond online, like our eReferences service, are fast and convenient, which lets referees know their time is valued.

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