Verifiable ID Badge

Ensure safety while providing convenience.

Your clients don’t always know if a person identifying as a representative of your organization is, in fact, your employee. What happens when someone pretending to be your employee enters your client’s home? Protect your clients by having your employees present a Verifiable ID Badge.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upon completion of a background check, your employee is given an ID badge.
  • Our ID badges contain the employee’s name, photo, and a unique Sterling Backcheck serial number.
  • From any internet connection, your clients can instantly verify that a badge is real and valid.

Build trust with your clients:

  • Reassure them of their safety by sharing about your investment in background checks on your website.
  • Ask us for an online profile that highlights your commitment to know who you’re hiring.
  • If you would like to test the system, we invite you to verify our sample applicant’s information by entering the information from the badge below. (Note: please allow pop-ups in your web browser).

Verify a Badge

*Upon initiating a badge verification request, the badge file will begin downloading. Please click “save” or “open” to view the file.

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