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Did you know that according to recent studies, between 46% and 53% of all resumes contain errors and falsehoods? Make sure you know who you’re hiring with the industry’s most thorough verifications services backed by a powerful fulfillment engine. Sterling Backcheck’s verification services take the burden off your teams by delivering fast, accurate confirmation of a candidate’s educational background, job history, and other credentials so you can be confident in every new hire.

Verification Types:
Employment Verifications
Identify attempts to inflate qualifications and experience with our streamlined employment verification solutions.

Education and Credentialing Verifications
Take advantage of our long-standing relationships with major Canadian and global education institutions. Through this relationship, we can offer you detailed knowledge of diploma mills and as well as document procedures so that you can get the most accurate results on your candidate’s education.

Professional Credentials Verifications
Medical and Financial industries rely heavily on the validation of candidates’ professional licenses. Capable of verifying thousands of license and certifications, our team of experts confirms your candidates’ claims and determines if those licenses are current and in good standing.

Public Safety Verifications
Including sanctions background checks as part of your overall employment screening program is a quick and effective way to verify applicant’s integrity and meet hiring regulations. When hiring in financial, government, healthcare, and telecommunications industries, Sterling Backcheck helps manage the risk and compliance programs by offering government sanctions background checks in critical and sensitive areas.

In North America, certain regulated industries require screening for terrorist activity and terrorist-related financing activity to supplement standard pre-employment background checks. These regulations are designed to prevent terrorism and maintain security by only employing individuals who have not been flagged as a participant in any terrorism-related activities.

By combining US, Canadian, and International government lists, Sterling Backcheck identifies individuals and groups that have been identified as being involved in or as having links to terrorism.

State Department
Bureau of Industry and Security
Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
US General Services Administration
Treasury Department
Designated Terrorist List, Debarred Parties, Designated Terrorist Organization, Non-Proliferation Sanctions (various)
Debarred Persons, Entity List, Red Flag Concerns
Specially Designated National
Excluded Parties List
FINCEN Money Laundering Concerns

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade OSFI Consolidated List

European Union
United Kingdom

United Nations

EU Sanctions List
Japanese Proliferation Concerns
Bank of England Consolidated List,
UK Proliferation Concerns
Australia Consolidated List
German Proliferation Concerns
UN Security Council Sanctions


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