Background and Identity Screening Solutions for Financial Services

Protect your clients, capital, and reputation while managing complex regulatory compliance requirements with ease.
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Full Spectrum Background Checks

We help the world’s top banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, private equity firms, insurance companies, and other financial services firms to efficiently screen, fingerprint, and monitor top talent. Our full suite of services integrates with some of the major ATS and HRIS platforms.

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Security Starts with Minimizing Compliance Risk

By partnering with Sterling Backcheck, financial service organizations can reduce their exposure to fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, embezzlement, and other risks. A compliant, risk-averse background screening program is not a “set it and forget it” effort. With your regulatory landscape constantly evolving, we believe a strong partnership with our industry-focused Client Success Team is essential. Their unrivaled subject matter expertise, coupled with our strategic partnerships with industry regulators and human capital platform providers, allows your firm to adapt and grow with your evolving hiring strategy.

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Hire with Confidence

Conduct pre-employment investigations to provide your candidate’s background and credentials. No matter the industry, we uncover information about senior level, high-impact hires, giving you the confidence, you need to immediately extend an offer.

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Create a Great Work Environment

The public relies on your business, which is an integral part of the economy. As representatives of your company, many of your employees interact regularly with your customers, partners, and communities, and many have access to sensitive information and critical technology. Creating a people-first culture built upon a foundation of trust and safety is key to preserving your corporate culture and protecting your employees, and those with whom they interact.

The Sterling Backcheck Difference

Our team of experts are passionate about background screening and committed to providing step-by-step guidance, on-going communication, and transparency.

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Keep Your Organization Moving Forward

Sterling Backcheck has dedicated in-house Privacy and Compliance teams who provide input on design and features to better enable compliance. This end-to-end solution provides robust coverage from design and development to service fulfillment and delivery.

Our Senior Advisor of Public Safety Information Management, joined Sterling after completing a 32-year career as a Regular Member with the RCMP. The Senior Advisor works closely with the team on aspects of the company’s products and services concerned with criminal records and police information.

Our Global VP of Privacy supports Government Relations as part of the
Canada Council Committee Leadership team within the Professional
Background Screening Association. The Association represents over 880
member companies engaged in background screening across the globe.

Go beyond standard police screening. Sterling Backcheck’s team of experts stands behind its commitment of quality, unmatched in the industry.

All processes rooted in our relationships with Police Partner Agencies (PPAs) are exclusive, providing a span of control over standard operating procedures. Our multi-PPA framework enables consistency of coverage, regardless of potential temporary outages with any individual PPA.

Canadian Criminal Record Check results are reviewed using three distinct levels of quality assurance to give you an picture of your candidates, while providing the fastest turnaround times possible.

Sterling Backcheck’s proactive focus on evolving best practices is further
evidenced by our membership with the Digital Identification and
Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC ), a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders developing Canada’s system for digital identification and authentication. This enables Canada’s full and secure participation in the global digital economy. Sterling Backcheck sits on all three committees: the Trust Framework Committee, the Executive Outreach Committee, and the Innovation Committee. Our identity solutions have been developed alongside this framework, meeting process and compliance guidelines set out by the organization.

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