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Tailored Background Checks for Your Organization

We know not all nonprofits and service organizations are alike—in mission or structure—so a “one size fits all” volunteer background check won’t work.

That’s why we created a solution tailored specifically to gain confidence in the volunteers working with those they serve by delivering thorough, reliable background checks. By enabling volunteers to order, manage, and share their background checks via a secure online platform, a community of vetted volunteers is created, which helps nonprofit organizations save time and money.

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Start Recruiting the Best Volunteers

Our extensive expertise in screening and compliance best practices helps clients recruit the best volunteers to maintain a safe environment and positive reputation.

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Sterling Backcheck Is a Trusted Partner in the Volunteer and Not-For-Profit Community

Sterling Backcheck really took the time to understand our needs and help us design a program to fit our unique challenges.’’

Todd Jackson

Director, Insurance and
Risk Management,
Hockey Canada

Seamlessly integrate with leading providers

With the most technical integrations in the industry, we are poised to make the complex more efficient and effective. We understand how diverse registration workflows can be, which is why we start by helping you simplify everything.

Take advantage of our extensive partner ecosystem to help you simplify registration, membership management, and ongoing background screening.

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Background Screening Is an Essential Step for Safe Work Environments

Background Screening 101 provides employers with the fundamentals of conducting background checks in Canada. This seven-chapter series explores background checks in depth and offers powerful insight on the most common types of background checks and best screening practices. Advanced topics such as compliance, the cost of a bad hire, and the benefits of using a third-party provider are also examined in detail to give employers a complete guide to implementing an effective background screening program.

Whether you’re a background checking rookie or you’ve mastered the art of screening candidates, Background Screening 101 is a must-read for any Canadian HR or compliance professional.

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