CUSTOMER STORY: Pollard Banknote

A major lottery provider relies on timely checks to build a foundation of trust and safety for its clients

We often test the Sterling Backcheck’s system by sending the same background check to the local police agency. Not only does it come back in around two and a half months quicker than the local police data, it will often uncover more relevant information. This makes me feel confident in the hire with Sterling Backcheck’s solution.” 
Bruce Vokey
Security Manager, Pollard Banknote

Security is key at a company like Pollard Banknote. Dealing with an inventory equivalent to cash requires robust physical security and tight controls of access and inventory. 

With 1,200 full-time employees and dozens of external contract workers across North America, it is vital to the company’s reputation that everyone who comes into the building is vetted and cleared. Any infringement on the integrity of the product could affect not only the bottom line, but future business and professional character. 

Engaging staff and contractors can be a time-consuming process. Pollard Banknote previously conducted background checks with the police, but these could take up to three months to complete. There was also a concern that full local checks were not as thorough as they should be. 


Pollard Banknote can hire as many as 10-15 people in one week through their current paper system. Through Sterling Backcheck, every employee is screened on engagement, again after two years, then every five years after that. Contractors come to Pollard Banknote pre-verified by Sterling Backcheck. Executives have a criminal background and credit check performed annually. Sterling Backcheck is also helping Pollard Banknote prepare for ‘ban-the-box’ criminal record check changes in order to remain compliant with U.S. applicants. 

Sterling Backcheck provides a thorough, accurate criminal background check service that has reduced Pollard Banknote’s turnaround time from potentially three months to an average of 48 hours. Pollard Banknote does not use an automated system as everything is in paper format, so this represented a significant improvement. The results help Pollard Banknote remain in good standing with the provinces’ legislative requirements and national and international licensing bodies. 

Key Highlights
  • Reduced background check turnaround time from three months to 48 hours 
  • Pollard Banknote is able to maintain the integrity of their product through systematic employee screening 
  • Sterling Backcheck ensures Pollard remains in good standing with national and international licensing bodies and legislative requirements  

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