October 9th, 2015 | Sterling

UBELONG Partners With SterlingBackcheck To Meet Their Volunteer Screening Needs

Ubelong Partners With SterlingBackcheck To Meet Their Volunteer Screening Needs

Every year, thousands of UBELONG volunteers donate countless hours to good causes in various countries abroad to teach, rebuild communities, promote environmental and reproductive education, help the elderly and much more. However, before embarking on this great journey of giving back to the community with us, we require all of our volunteers to go through background checks.

Why does UBELONG need background checks?

Volunteers are screened for many of the same reasons employers conduct background checks. The ultimate goal is to verify identity and weed out potential risks or conflicts, especially those that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history. We have a responsibility to the communities we serve, and we want to make sure we only accept the right people into our programs. UBELONG Volunteers have the well-deserved reputation of being some the finest international volunteers in the world, and, along with our mentorship and training program, the screening we do is a big reason for that.

What information do we check?

For Canadian UBELONG Volunteers, SterlingBackcheck searches the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), a national database maintained by the RCMP that holds conviction information.

What does the process look like?

Background checks can seem daunting and time-consuming, but UBELONG partners with SterlingBackcheck to establish a simple and easy process to ensure safe, reliable volunteering experiences for all parties involved. Our volunteers utilize SterlingBackcheck’s online background screening platform, myBackCheck.com, to obtain their checks completely online. All you need to know about the screening process can be summarized in the following 4 points:

  1. First, we email the volunteer to create an account online. The good news is no paper forms are required and all information shared is 100% private and secure.
  2. The payment is also made online.
  3. Both the volunteer and UBELONG can monitor the progress of the check.
  4. And most importantly, we get the screening results fast: in as little as 24 hours or less!

Screening volunteers with background checks is a must, as they help eliminate individuals who could pose potential threats to the safety of others and they protect our reputation. At UBELONG, we rely on SterlingBackcheck’s online screening platform to enable us to vet volunteers quickly and easily. For UBELONG volunteers living in the US, we use the services of Verified Volunteers, a wholly owned subsidiary of SterlinkBackcheck in the United States, which helps speed up the screening process for these volunteers. Outsourcing our screening to these experienced providers helps ensure that all parties involved in the volunteering experience, whether it be the volunteer, UBELONG or the beneficiaries of the volunteering activity, get the most out of their time!

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