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Social Media Screening

Sep 20 | 2022

3 Reasons to Update Your Background Check Policy

A recent poll of Canadian HR professionals revealed 79% of respondents have not updated their...

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Jul 20 | 2021

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Background...

With more than 25 million Canadians currently on social media, a growing number...

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Jul 20 | 2017

How to Mitigate the Compliance Risks of Social...

There is no way around it; we live in a social media world.  It has come to a point where the...

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May 24 | 2017

Infographic: The World Has Become a More Social...

Today's world is a much more social place. Imagine a time without social media....

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Oct 20 | 2016

5 Tips To Creating A Candidate First Experience

As a marketer, I’m often thinking about the experience people have with our brand. From our...

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Anomalies in Background Screening

Employee Rights: Privacy Laws in Canada

Pardons, Record Suspensions, & Screening for Positions of Trust

Sterling Backcheck, a Background and Identity Services Leader in Canada, Joins the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

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