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Background Checks

Mar 28 | 2022

Why Run Background Checks in the Consulting Industry

The labour market has gone through a dramatic transformation. From an increase to a remote...

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Jan 11 | 2022

Sterling Backcheck 2021 Year-End Review and 2022...

As I welcome the new year and reflect on 2021, I can’t help but think about...

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Dec 8 | 2021

Anomalies in Background Screening

Background screening may seem straightforward, but with changing laws and policies, as well as...

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Sep 28 | 2021

Smart Ways Employers Are Supporting Equitable...

During Sterling Backchecks’s recent retail roundtable, “Thriving in a...

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Jun 15 | 2021

Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Perform...

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the Canadian economy, representing over 97% of all...

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Anomalies in Background Screening

Before You Hire: Four Important Questions about Screening for Positions of Trust Answered

Pardons, Record Suspensions, & Screening for Positions of Trust

Sterling Backcheck, a Background and Identity Services Leader in Canada, Joins the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

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