December 19th, 2017 | Sterling

The Top 5 Sterling Talent Solutions Blog Posts of 2017

As another year ends, I find myself asking that eternal question, “Where did the year go?” From reference checks to diploma mills to detailed criminal records check information, we shared quite a variety of human capital management industry and background screening topics on the Sterling Talent Solutions blog this past year.

We compiled a list of the top five most popular and highly read blog posts of the past year just in case you missed them.

In-House Vs. Third Party Reference Checks

A résumé can only tell you so much about a job candidate. It is great for determining a candidate’s qualifications and experiences, but won’t show how your candidate behaved on the job every day. Reference checks can give hiring managers critical information helping to identify if the candidate will be successful in the new job. Learn why there are many advantages to having a third-party conduct reference checks in our infographic, In-House Vs. Third Party Reference Checks.

Inappropriate Vulnerable Sector Verifications Uses

Vulnerable Sector Verifications continue to present challenges for organizations and applicants alike. This is because a VSV is a process defined at the federal level but initiated and largely controlled at the local level. As things stand, if a search of the pardoned sex offender database is part of the package, one must attend their local police service. Chuck Walker shares his opinion that there are Case for Inappropriate Vulnerable Sector Verifications Use and what can be done to correct these issues.

5 Tips for Leading Culture Change

In early 2016, Sterling Talent Solutions made culture integration and transformation a mission-critical endeavor to ensure that who we are and how we work aligns with our strategic objectives and corporate values. From reducing organizational silos to making innovation the cornerstone of our business, we aspire to build a culture that fulfills our vision: to empower smart people decisions fuelled by innovation and dynamic technology. Find out insights that might help your company as you navigate your own culture journey, whether in a particular department or company-wide in 5 Tips for Leading Culture Change.

A Critical Step of Hiring is Background Screening

For many employers, it’s tempting to hire people without performing due diligence or background checks on the applicant. Yet, what happens if the job candidates turn out to be different from what you originally thought during the interview and hiring process? The impact of one bad hire can spread throughout the entire company and leave behind harmful consequences to the company’s reputation, employee morale and even financial assets. Learn more about the importance of preventing a bad hire and why background screening is the most critical step of the hiring process in our blog post.

Tips for Discovering Deceptive Diploma Mills

While a resume might look great on the surface, it may not be as accurate as you’d think. Lies that have appeared on a resume can run from minor embellishments to complete fabrications of a candidate’ qualifications and experiences. One such way to “beef up” a resume is to add additional educational degrees that you might not have earned or could have received from a diploma mill. Learn how to spot the signs of a false educational experience and certifications in Tips for Discovering Diploma Mills.

Looking ahead to 2018, there could be many changing regulations and technological trends that could impact the background screening industry. We will continue to keep you updated on the latest topics affecting the Human Capital Management industry and can’t wait to share them with you so stay close to Sterling Talent Solutions Blog.


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