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Sep 27 | 2016

Background Screening in Canada

New employees are one of the biggest investments a business can make. With each new hire...

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Dec 2 | 2015

Compliance Update: Ontario Legislature Passes...

The Police Record Checks Reform Act, also known as Bill 113, was adopted...

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Jun 1 | 2015

Not Knowing the Details is Not Good Enough!

Avoiding human rights violations in criminal record checks

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Apr 10 | 2015

50 Shades of Privacy Laws

Canada’s has many privacy laws – more than 20 – and it can seem daunting...

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Anomalies in Background Screening

How to Avoid Human Rights Violations in Your Background Check Process

Background Check Trend Report: Hiring Reimagined

Revolutionizing Recruitment: How HR Technology and AI are Transforming Hiring Practices

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