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Apr 12 | 2017

Sterling Talent Solutions Welcomes Tom Burke as COO

Sterling Talent Solutions is pleased to welcome Tom Burke as our new Chief Operating Officer...

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Apr 10 | 2017

Hit a Home Run with Background Screening

PLAY BALL! After a long winter, baseball fans have been patiently (or some...

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Apr 4 | 2017

My Ears Are Burning: Transparency with Applicants...

I don't really mind people talking about me behind my back. If I'm interesting enough to talk...

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Mar 21 | 2017

Managing Personal Identifiable Information

PII or Personally Identifiable Information, exists whenever a specific...

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Mar 7 | 2017

Employee Rights: Human Rights in the Workplace

Canadian human rights laws help promote equality in the workplace and are an integral part of...

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Anomalies in Background Screening

Before You Hire: Four Important Questions about Screening for Positions of Trust Answered

Pardons, Record Suspensions, & Screening for Positions of Trust

Sterling Backcheck, a Background and Identity Services Leader in Canada, Joins the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

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