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Criminal Record Checks

Apr 10 | 2018

Confirming Adult Convictions During a Criminal Record Check

Organizations ask us why, in some instances, Sterling Talent Solutions Canadian Criminal...

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Jan 11 | 2018

Speed, Cost and Reliability, But Above All:...

Lately, consumers of criminal record check services in Canada have been...

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Nov 13 | 2017

What is Bona Fide Occupational Requirement?

One of the key responsibilities of an employer is to provide a safe, accommodating and legally...

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Jul 27 | 2017

Criminal Record Checks for Applicants Under 18...

Among Sterling Talent Solutions’ many clients, there are those that routinely...

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Jun 29 | 2017

Clients Benefit from Sterling Talent Solutions...

The means by which criminal record and police information is accessed in Canada requires...

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